LEa'S Breakup to wake-up TRANSFORMATION

Lea discovered personal coaching, and the rest of her unhelpful behavioural patterns, and accepting morsels of reciprocation in her romantic relationships was history. To this day, all the workshops are still proving useful, and so much so her emotional transformation speaks for itself having attracted a much more aligned partner! Lea now knows exactly how to navigate this relationship healthily.

emilie'S "from Lost to love" TRANSFORMATION

Emilie began with debilitating heartbreak, and the victim to a cheating avoidant. Her confidence was crushed, with men, communication, and her ability to see her gifts. Throughout the program Emilie diligently rewrote her story, worked on all her limiting subconscious beliefs, embodied everything I taught and showed herself fully, and authentically in all her relationships and by Week 11 walked out manifesting a partner she always dreamed of!


From mental health difficulties to defying the odds in her beautiful journey to self-compassion and confidence. Cherene, despite being unforgiving of herself in Week 1, led to becoming Unstoppable by Week 12; emotionally, spiritually and physically! Chez is now pursuing her dreams while levelling up her relationships.

Celina, 25

1:1 3 month coaching

Josh’s guidance has impacted my life in wonderful ways.

I started working with Josh just right after I got fired, lost a great love and questioned my whole path and being. 

It was a big step to invest in myself, but let me tell you one thing it was totally worth it! I got all I invested back tenfold!

He helped me to trust and love myself through it all – the highs and lows.

I walked away from this coaching journey with an incredible tool box helping me to go one step at the time forward and catch myself when I fall backwards. 

He guided me to review my relationship with men and where my beliefs around them and me came from. After the coaching I can definitely say that I am able to reflect, understand, shift and ultimately move on from what’s no longer serving me

Coaching with Josh laid the groundwork for me to understand what my soul is seeking and what I need to tend to in order to get there because ultimately it lies in your own hands what you believe to be worthy of! 

I realized things about my life and path I would have never have dreamed of but which left me feeling in the right place. 

My intuition got empowered and I understood me, myself and I in a way that left me feeling deeply rooted within through the coaching sessions with Josh via video chat + his incredible materials (writing prompts, meditations etc.) 

When life gets stormy I don’t throw in the towel any more and don’t comfort myself with unhealthy behaviours which aren’t serving me anymore! 

…Mostly and if I do fall back into old disempowering patterns. I know now how to meet myself with love and kindness rather than self-hatred and punishment.

Life is a journey and it will never tire of giving us new lessons, challenges and experiences to grow from but it is our choice if we won’t to struggle alone or if we reach out for help and guidance if needed. 

So if you struggle whomever reads this you are not alone first of all + no shame in taking help and guidance! 

I can warmly if it feels right to you and is within your reach financially recommend Josh from the bottom of my heart to reach out to! 

He helped me not only with my relationship with men but overall with my relationship to life, myself and the gifts I am meant to offer in this lifetime to humanity!

Tham, 30

1:1 3 month coaching

I got to know Josh through Instagram, and the incredibly valuable posts he was sharing about his relationship. At that time, I struggled with a miserable break up with my boyfriend. I found myself totally lost and at very low esteem. I had a very negative view of my future and truly believed that I would never find love again. I didn’t find myself valuable and lovable. Thanks to the universe that brings Josh to my life as an amazing coach. He is very knowledgeable, enthusiastic, passionate, responsible, who very patiently listened to my problems and helped me to solve mostly all of them. Thanks to Josh, I know how to set boundaries with things/people around. I know how to love myself and how to love someone in appropriate ways, and how to encourage a man to do his role in a relationship. I noticed a pattern of acting like the masculine, and not truly allowing myself to be a woman with shining feminine energy. I hid my voice and did not raise my voice to say “no” with things that did not aligned with my authentic self. I truly believed that if I sacrificed my needs, then it will be easy to get love from men. During the time working with Josh, I knew how to confirm my voice, get my feminine parts shine, be wiser and attract more good things into my life, including my current boyfriend. He is super super secure, lovable and emotionally mature. This is the first time I have ever experienced the feeling of falling in love with a true man. I feel like I am always loved, respected, heard and seen. It feels like I unlocked some parts of me after the coaching and openly welcome love, luck and miracle to my life. I truly recommend Josh to women out there who are having problems in relationships with men or with themselves.

Without Josh’s coaching, I am sure that I cannot be at the happy place right now. If someone had told me last year after my break that, one year later you would find a super healthy masculine and secure partner, I would not have believed in that. But now, I found that person right after finishing the coach with Josh. I will call it the miracle. And miracles truly can happen if you believe in it and surrender to the universe, when you totally open your hearts, love comes.

Emilie, 22

1:1 3 month coaching

Hi! My name is Emilie and I’m a 22-year-old full-time student from Norway. I’m in my last year of a bachelor’s program in international energy and development studies.

Before I started working with Josh, I was struggling through heartache after having ended my first serious long-term relationship. I felt like the rug had been pulled away from under me, as the dreams I had envisioned fell apart after leaving my ex. This left me feeling hopeless and lost. Having been cheated on, I also lost faith in good, loyal men, and my self-esteem dropped. I was scared of falling in love and growing close to someone again because I never wanted to go through similar pain. But I wanted the best for myself, and I wanted to believe that the love I desired was out there, because I’m capable of that kind of love.

Working with Josh was absolutely fantastic, and I never once regretted making the investment to enrol in his coaching program. I felt grateful to be able to receive such great advice and support, both through our weekly calls and on WhatsApp. Josh was always there to hold my hand, provide support and encouragement, advice and guidance. He motivated me throughout the whole program. Josh held space for me, and I felt safe to be vulnerable and open with him. I felt heard, supported, and safe to be seen, on a level I have never experienced before.

There were several highlights, but the ones that changed my life the most were finding my purpose, inner child work, raising my self-worth, finding ways to embody my divine feminine, and developing my communication skills.

Josh helped me discover my purpose, by encouraging me to get in touch with my inner child and remembering what I was naturally good at and also loved doing as a child. These activities felt so empowering, and focusing on my inner child helped me to honor my needs.

I used to struggle a lot with people-pleasing, communicating my needs, and speaking assertively. Josh helped me raise my confidence and self-worth, and gave me tips on how to ask others for what I need, as well as to communicate my boundaries. These new skills improved several of the important relationships in my life, and also made me feel less scared to use my voice. Learning how to communicate also completely changed dating for me, and Josh also helped me to understand how I could give guys the opportunity to show up and meet my needs. Josh helped me so much with dating, as he helped me to get clear on my values, and what the values of my dream man would be.

Starting to embody my divine feminine through various activities was probably one of the things that improved my relationship with myself the most. I found ways to make myself feel loved and valued, which also raised my self-worth and improved my body image. This definitely helped me raise the standard for how I want to be treated, which helped me in dating.

I’m super grateful that I got to work through this program with Josh. It makes the world of difference to have someone on your team when things are hard, and I couldn’t think of a better coach. Josh is empathic, compassionate, patient, supportive, and calm.
To anyone who’s thinking about working with Josh, I would encourage them to enrol in his program, I promise you won’t regret it! I’m so grateful for investing in this program, as it

helped me to get to know myself better, and I grew so much. It was challenging, tiring at times, but beyond rewarding. Before starting the program I felt like I was stuck and had lost my purpose, but now I feel revitalized and ready to follow my own path again.

After working with Josh, I feel how much I’ve been able to raise my self-worth and confidence, and I feel ready to chase after my dreams and goals. I have also manifested my boyfriend, who meets all the criteria I wrote down about my dream guy at the start of the program, which is so amazing and shows me how much I’ve evolved energetically. With all the tools Josh has given me, I will continue to nurture the relationships in my life, work on my communication skills, and continue growing and creating my dream life.

Tomi, 27

Fitness Journey Program

I met Josh in Bali and never knew the impact this man would have in my life. I just got of a horrible relationship that lead to some bad eating habits and bouts of depression.

My year in his Health Hunk Food and Fitness regimen gave me not only my body but my confidence back as well.

When I wanted to lift heavy Josh was there with a routine.
When I wanted to switch to keto— Josh provided meal prep options within my specified guidelines.
When I eventually settled on pole dance he was there with a flexibility routine that helped me train up to my invert and crucifix pole tricks.
But best of all Josh was there as mental health coach, making sure I hit my goals and didn’t shy away from the adversity that life and his training would provide. I can’t recommend his program enough!!!

Ben, 34

Fitness Journey Program

“Hello! My name is Ben Bell and I work with PhD students at a UK university. I’ve known Josh for a few years and when I heard he was doing some personal training I leapt at the chance to work with him. Josh is a genuine and caring individual and knowing him on a personal level meant I knew I could trust him to do a good job, even though he was just starting out.

I have been a member of a gym off and on for years but struggled with motivation and accountability, and a face to face personal trainer was always way too expensive. I wanted to lose weight, but mainly I just wanted to improve my confidence so I could get to a place where I wanted to go and workout and not dread it.

The absolute best thing about working with Josh was that he was always eager to adapt training plans based on my needs as well as send video tutorials for movements that I was confused about. Having someone to talk to over Whatsapp was the perfect way for me to get motivated – you can’t hide from your phone for very long!

In the end the gym just wasn’t the right place for me because I felt a lot of intimidation (gym-timidation if you will) and having suffered from anxiety I needed to be able to work out in private. This was no problem for Josh and he adapted my training plan to be home workouts and offered support along the way. I now have a regular workout routine, and most importantly I do what works for me and not what I think I should be doing because of pressures from other places.

I would encourage anyone who is struggling with motivation and confidence around working out to get in touch with Josh. He is THE nicest guy (don’t let those dashing good looks and rippling muscles put you off – he’s much more than what you see on the box) and he will guide you through your journey like a pro.”

Serena, 27

Hunky Gym Tabata

I recently signed up for the Health Hunk’s 4 week Tabata programme and have been really impressed so far. The online consultation form was easy to fill out and the app makes things very simple to track progress. Josh is very high energy and I feel that he really cares about your success. Hopefully, there will be a great transformation in 4 weeks and I can be truly proud of my journey.

Tim, 54


Josh peels the layers off the pride and uses his characteristic humble, vulnerable and winsome approach to make it safe to be real.  This is uncommon amongst men today.  Josh is more than a hunk.  He is a true man in the finest sense of the word.  One of the most skilful and articulate communicators on the self-help podcast circuit, Josh brings wisdom beyond his years to men of all ages. Highly recommended.

Niko, 24

“100% authentic and professional. If you’re looking for someone who really knows about relationships, wellbeing and living aligned then you’ve come to the right place with Josh.”

Tony, 20

Absolutely loved the 7-day trial!

Started seeing Josh’s stuff on IG awhile back, then opted to give his programming a go! Everything from meal and workout planning was custom done to my specs and while it wasn’t a walk in the park to stay hardcore dedicated and strict to the plan, Josh was always there to give me some inspo and support 🖤

Definitely recommend and personally, I’ll be signing on with him as soon as payday comes 😜🤙🏼

My takeaway from the experience is this – When you sign up with any other PT, you get just that: a PT. When you sign up with #thehealthhunk, you get a trainer, a nutritionist, AND a real solid mate that you can count on for any sort of advice; at any time.

Loved the trial and can’t wait to continue my fit journey with Josh soon! 💪🏼

Laura, 35

1:1 1 year coaching

I am a young female working in corporate consulting who wanted to improve my life.

I experienced self-doubt, self-deprecation, fears, unworthiness and confusion in my romantic and other relationships.

After my experience with Josh I started feeling more like a normal human being and my emotional experience was totally acceptable. I started to own my insecurities and realised that most of them are beautiful. I improved my boundaries and eliminated a lot of guilt for saying no to things that I am not aligned with. I learnt to unapologetically listen to my body and soul. I learnt to manage my anxiety and trigger points better and became more courageous in personal relationships. I improved my sense of worthiness and started feeling that what I think and feel mattered. I realised some of my confusions and insecurities were deriving from childhood traumas. When I am mistreated I know that I am worthy of the best and it is never my guilt. 

As a result, I have much better relationships with my relatives and a much more regulated nervous system. I feel more confident in going after my dreams because I know that I am worthy of them.

If you’re thinking about working with Josh I would simply say go for it. It is a great investment in personal development. Josh is a very dedicated coach and would be able to make huge positive shifts for you.

Kelly, 33

3-Day Voxer 1:1 Coaching

My 3-day Voxer coaching experience has been a great way for me to get guidance regarding an issue I needed resolved as soon as I could. Within the 3 days not only did I get the help with creating a way to create a boundary with someone I desired to, but Josh also gave me the materials and insights I need to get to the core of this.

So that i can continue to stand firm in my boundaries heading forward with practice. The questions Josh had me ask myself really helped me get in touch with my feelings and why I had built my belief system towards using my voice and facing fears of rejection and disappointing others.

It was wonderful to have a conscious healthy masculine guide me through boundaries and use confidence to voice them. While redirecting me away from what was actually causing more harm to my self esteem than good. Thanks for 100% honesty throughout the process, calling out habitual behaviours that left me feeling disempowered and regretful.

Though it was a short coaching period the experience and value was incredibly rich and sustainable.

Ivy, 24

1:1 3 month coaching

Before working with Josh I had so many questions as to why I felt the ways I did around certain things and I really struggled to tell my boyfriend (at the time) how I felt. I was in a relationship where he was very avoidant and I worried telling him how I felt would only push him away further. But after the inner work with Josh and realising that I am entitled to speaking up I began to tell him my feelings, especially around things that made me unhappy in the relationship. The biggest breakthrough was deciding to end the relationship because the inner work made me realise that I can meet an emotionally available guy that ticks my boxes, someone who I’ll genuinely be happy around. Moving into the future I will speak up for myself more and continue revisiting the inner work Josh took me through. I will also be able to spot emotionally immature as unavailable guys and learn to protect myself. Thank you Josh for all your help!

Helia, 29

1:1 3 month coaching

Before this program, I was struggling with my physical and mental health. I lived my life trying to keep my emotions under control because of my upbringing. My first long-term relationship ended a few years ago and I didn’t process how I felt. For the past 4 years I didn’t want people around me to worry so I tried to keep myself together by focusing on my studies, work, and family. I didn’t realize that I was grieving for various reasons. I felt stuck, lost, broken, and unhappy. I kept those feelings and emotions in, but it slowly leaked in different aspects of my life. 

Josh reached out to me and I was hesitant at first. I didn’t feel like I was ready to process the things that I tried to bury and forget. But 2 weeks later, I decided to book a consultation call.  

He was patient and kind. I sensed a genuine soul who wants to help people. I am grateful that he offered to work with me.  

Josh not only held space and validated my experiences, but he was honest when it comes to things that I could work on. I value honesty and compassion. He had a lot of values that I agree with and strive to work on. Interacting with him made me realize how I was not truly honest with myself. He knew that, but he had a way with providing resources and discussing matters to help me realize where it is that I have been hiding my feelings. Our calls (discussion) and the resources that he has recommended for me has helped me heal and process difficult things from my past. 

I used to hesitate to ask for help and worry that I would burden others. I am now able to ask for help, be vulnerable, and understand my boundaries. I didn’t think about the outcome as I was going through the program, but midway through the program, I could see how much my mindset had changed. His guidance helped me transform my mindset and I am so grateful. 

To this day, I am still recovering from my physical injuries, but I am mentally in a better headspace. I am doing things that I love and I am slowly getting back in touch with things that I have forgotten.

I know the program was originally to help me find a date/life partner. But I wanted to get to know myself and eventually love myself better. By loving myself, then I’d learn to love another as well. I am proud of myself for making progress and learning more things to help with my personal growth. I am taking my time to find my life partner.

Karin, 22

1:1 3 month coaching

As a singer-songwriter, I was struggling with self esteem issues, affecting my career & relationships. My experience working with Josh was wonderful, I felt so relieved having a trustworthy coach that I felt safe to share my struggles with. Josh helped me identify my problems and solve them. 

I now understand where my insecurities stem from & why my relationships are toxic. He guided me every step of the way, I felt very cared for. He also helped me get crystal clear on my worth, potent self, and values, so much so I could be comfortable being vulnerable on social media.

I have become much more confident and certain of myself. I highly recommend Josh as a coach, I have learned so much from him. I’m excited to do more in my music career with my goal to be vulnerable.

Cherene, 34

1:1 3 month coaching

I reached out to Josh because something inside me really resonated with him & I just knew that he would be able to help me out of the darkness I felt trapped in.

After, telling Josh in depth about what I was suffering with and how bad things had become, I felt I was taken under his wing & for once felt someone was listening & felt understood.

Josh also has a history of anxiety & depression so he really does understand on a deeper personal level which makes him an even better life coach to help lift you up and give you the tools to soar!!

Every zoom call, every email, every message I was given full unconditional support tailored to me and my needs as I progressed in his 12 week course. Whether I was having a bad day, he would give me his support & ways to cope how to reply instead of react & on good days when I was excited to share updates, he was my biggest cheer leader!

He helped me every step of the way to show up for myself and remind me of who I used to be and bring me back but with even more zeal, appreciation, gratitude, strength & confidence.

He taught me a deeper meaning of self care & self love to really show up for myself EVERY SINGLE DAY!

I can’t thank him enough for what he did for me and the phenomenal transformation I feel inside and outside.

I feel like a better version of myself, one that never had the courage or strength to exist until now. I am so proud of myself as I have worked so hard to get to this stage and know that I owe it to myself to keep on shining and keep the consistency as I deserve to go after my dreams and see my name in lights!

Josh, you are my hero.
Amanda, 33

12 Week SOLO program

Josh is the one person who believes in me. I’ve learned so much from resilience, self worth and the knowledge to know what serves me and what doesn’t. I’ve worked on responses and where best to spend my energy. He has taught me the value of self care and the importance of making time for yourself. He has given me the strength to know my tolerances and what I deserve and to remove those things that don’t serve as a positive purpose in my life.

All the Programs I’d undergone, including this one, is super tailored and covers my nutrition, wellness and fitness needs. You can really sense he loves what he does.

I am so blessed to have found him, when I needed it the most. I highly recommend Josh if you want the same Self Care Journey too. You won’t be disappointed. This man is a wealth of knowledge and there is nothing you can’t talk about with him. He is raw, honest, and dedicated and I’ll be thanking him for a lifetime for coming along and rebooting my life.

Nina, 26

12 Week SOLO program

So it all begins with heartbreak, and being left feeling lost. I neglected my self-worth for some time, and needed to bounce back quick. Then came Josh, after seeing him presenting at an event, to inspiring posts on instagram, I reached out. To find out he wasn’t just a “Health Coach” but a huge positive influence on me, experiencing things I hadn’t with any other coaches before; A working system, clear program for both fitness and personal development.

Throughout the Program, I continuously grew clarity which empowered me with the knowledge to reclaim confidence & consciousness in fitness and eating habits.

I’m now feeling super grateful with who I’ve become, healthier and happier. I take much better care of myself, while seeing life with a more colourful lens. This is thanks to Josh for giving his full-heart to this program! I could not recommend him enough.

Rafael, 23


Hi, my name is Rafael, I live in Mexico, I’m 21 years old and I’m currently in my last year of college, I also have 2 jobs related to my career which is Business Management. I tried to work out in the past and have a healthy diet but I always failed, so I wasn’t giving importance to that anymore, until I found the Health Hunk on Instagram and I started following him and I felt motivated to start that kind of lifestyle, cause I’m a really skinny person and I’ve always struggle a lot with clothes ‘cause they don’t fit me as good as I would like, and I’ve always wanted to have a good muscular body, so I messaged him and he convinced me to start a plan with him. I was afraid first of all about the money, cause as a student I don’t have that much money, but he offered me a plan that fitted just right to my finances, the other thing I was afraid of was that I wouldn’t have the time to follow everything on the plan.

But I started and I felt great working out, Josh really motivated me a lot to continue, there were some days I felt tired and didn’t wanna workout but just by thinking of what I was going to achieve made me get out of bed and go to work out. I started seeing physical changes in the first week like I could notice the muscles in my legs, and I was surprised and happy about it, and that made me push harder, I even gained weight which was a really hard thing for me to do.

Josh also gave me the Momentum Journal which is a very helpful tool to organize my day and to see what went right and what went wrong so I can change that. Also it helped me to be thankful no matter what happened that day, there’s always something to be thankful for. There’s a lot of things I have to improve but the Momentum Journal made me realize of that things and I’m currently working on them. I’m a perfectionist and I tend to stress a lot but now I’m made more aware and can regain calm. With this tool I also made time in my day to work out and to have a time to myself even though I have a really busy day.

“I can say that Josh really knows what he is doing and he’s a really kind person that wants you to be the best version of yourself, he’s always checking on you and solving your doubts and most of all he’s always motivating you and for me that was the greatest thing on earth, because I was just starting this journey and I really needed someone to push me and he did a great job on this. This is only the start of my journey but I can see a lot of changes, both physical and emotional, and I just wanna keep going, keeping it Healthy and Keeping It Hunky!”

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