The Heartbreak Recovery Program

An Intimate Coaching Experience for women to heal after a toxic relationship and come home to their true self. Using my proven inside-out formula that takes you through detachment, self-love, and energetic re-alignment with Human Design, Somatics, and Relational Healing Modalities. In as little as 90 days, you'll be ready to call in a committed life-partner without repeating old patterns, falling for predatory men and the same vicious cycle of hot-cold connection.

Ready to HEAL from the PAIN of your past RELATIONSHIP and meet your PRIMARY NEED for LOVE, from within?

let me guide you...

Lovable Group and 1:1 Coaching will lead you through the vital journey of healing, exploring your unmet needs, aligning with your inner-authority, security, authenticity and your truth to bring your most empowered self to commit to a forever Prince Conscious. A psyche/spiritual program that not only promises you reconnection with true love but a ripple effect on your overall happiness, health, energy and abundance in self-confidence. Through behavioural, emotional, and mental reprogramming, gradual experiential exposure and rewriting your story, you’ll become the embodied version of you that navigates the world assertively, confidently expanding your comfort zone without compromising leading with your heart, beautiful compassion and sensitivity.

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Hi, I'm josh!

As a Relationship Coach, I’m here to first help you heal, align and evolve so you can find, keep & ignite the love with a conscious man that you deserve & desire.

Having struggled with relationships in the past due to lack of awareness, confidence and self-worth, this has been an area in my life that has transformed the most in the past few years. Starting from my dating phase; ravaged by partying, naked butlering, carouseling my way through hookups, all the way to meeting Love Island Directors to contend for the UK show, I soon learned this was not a void-filled way to live for a sensitive heart like mine. Of course, this led me to becoming codependent to my experience and falling into emotionally unavailable, narcissistic relationships because of it. It took a conscious awakening, re-alignment and acceptance with my true nature in Human Design as an Intuitive Generator, amongst constant battles with committing to my highest self which led me to now being married to my soulmate. I’ve never felt so thrilled about helping you avoid the pitfalls that women commonly face with cold, narcissistic, and emotionally unavailable men and fast-track you to find & keep the same kinda love and conscious connection in your life that I’d found. Let me let you in on a little secret… Men are not bad. It’s the story and conditioning they let engulf them. However, men who are unconscious or malevolent find their way to sensitive, compassionate prey – Sound like you? Now’s the time to raise your upper-limit and call in love fit for childhood dreams. And we’re not just talking about the benefits of love itself, but the impact it has on your energy, mood, purpose and living towards a future that’s more grounded, feel-good and fulfilling than ever before.


emilie's "from Lost to love" TRANSFORMATION

Emilie began with debilitating heartbreak, and the victim to a cheating avoidant. Her confidence was crushed, with men, communication, and her ability to see her gifts. Throughout the program Emilie diligently rewrote her story, worked on all her limiting subconscious beliefs, embodied everything I taught and showed herself fully, and authentically in all her relationships and by Week 11 walked out manifesting a partner she always dreamed of!


From mental health difficulties to defying the odds in her beautiful journey to self-compassion and confidence. Cherene, despite being unforgiving of herself in Week 1, led to becoming Unstoppable by Week 12; emotionally, spiritually and physically! Chez is now pursuing her dreams while levelling up her relationships.

Freedom from Fear, Shame, Resentment, Self-Sabotage, Triggers, Wounds & Protective Excuses

Develop Emotional Intelligence, Availability & Selective Empathy (Opening up your Heart for Love to flow in)

Improved Intimacy with Men, Assertive Communication, & Crushing Codependency

Awareness of your Authenticity, Inner-Authority & Irresistible Confidence

Are you ready to EVOLVE from the INSIDE-OUT and AMPLIFY your LOVE LIFE?

Getting the Full Body "Heck YES"?! Here's a Sneak Peek at the Program 👀

As all client cases are unique, and require a tailored approach – the below is a general guideline for workshops to expect.

There is no time-limit on healing or one-size fits all – extensions for dating readiness may be required.  









Silver Coaching

Private Coaching



Per 6 weeks

Roadmapping Call

Weekly 6x 60min Coaching Calls 

Weekly 6x Module Workshop Material

Weekly Whatsapp Support

Gold Coaching

Private Coaching



Per 12 weeks

Roadmapping Call

Weekly 12x 75min Coaching Calls

Weekly 12x Workshops

48hr Whatsapp Support

Bonus Find Your Fit Course

(email josh@joshcampbell.co for monthly payment plan details)

Platinum Coaching

Private Coaching



Per 24 weeks

Roadmapping Call

Weekly 24x 75min Coaching Calls

Weekly 24x Workshops

9-5pm Exclusive Whatsapp Support

+ 1x Access Pass to Next Group Program 

+ Bonus VIP Find Your Fit Course

Client Stories


Private Coaching

I’m super grateful that I got to work through this program with Josh. It makes the world of difference to have someone on your team when things are hard, and I couldn’t think of a better coach. Josh is empathic, compassionate, patient, supportive, and calm.
To anyone who’s thinking about working with Josh, I would encourage them to enrol in his program, I promise you won’t regret it!


Private Coaching

I reached out to Josh because something inside me really resonated with him & I just knew that he would be able to help me out of the darkness I felt trapped in.

After, telling Josh in depth about what I was suffering with and how bad things had become, I felt I was taken under his wing & for once felt someone was listening & felt understood…


Private Coaching

Before this program, I was struggling with my physical and mental health. I lived my life trying to keep my emotions under control because of my upbringing. My first long-term relationship ended a few years ago and I didn’t process how I felt.  I was grieving. I felt stuck, lost, broken, and unhappy

Josh was patient and kind. Josh not only held space and validated my experiences, but he was honest. Interacting with him made me realize how I was not truly honest with myself. He knew that but he had a way with providing resources and discussing matters to help me realize where it is that I have been hiding my feelings.


Private Coaching

As a singer-songwriter, I was struggling with self esteem issues, affecting my career & relationships. My experience working with Josh was wonderful, I felt so relieved having a trustworthy coach that I felt safe to share my struggles with. Josh helped me identify my problems and solve them. 

I now understand where my insecurities stem from & why my relationships are toxic. He guided me every step of the way, I felt very cared for

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