A 90 Min Intensive & Intimate Coaching Call, which will take you into the roots of your anxious or fearful avoidant attachment style, then bring you the Tools, Clarity & Guidance towards inner-peace, healthy connection & inform you if you're settling for less romantically.

Tired of falling for men who are cold, avoidant, neglectful and controlling? 

Feeling constantly “on” when you crave validation & soothing from those who feel familiar, but are toxic to you?

Exhausted by the hot-cold style of connection you continually fall for or unconsciously create?

It’s likely you’re suffering from an activated and protesting nervous system that craves to be seen, heard, felt and acknowledged. Rightfully so! Your need for closeness is an inherent human trait that helps us survive as a socially-constructive mammal. 

However it isn’t healthy when we’re constantly escaping sitting with our state, emotions, or terrified of being alone.

As it leads to settling for less or worse… when you’re met with non-responsive, neglectful and avoidant men who seem to be living on a completely different planet, unaware that your bids for affection are life-or-death to you.

and they literally are. A toxic relationship shaves off 4-8 years from your life if left unchecked, and your immune system in its dysregulated, activated and frantic state will show you in frequent illness.

BUT ALL IS NOT LOST, if you see the ROLE you PLAY in the pursuit and desire for a better relationship.


You have all the power to look within, reclaim responsibility to reverse the role you play, and enlighten yourself with answers for why you’re drawn to men that meet you in their wounded masculine; persecuting, playing the victim or unendingly trying to play prince charming to rescue you…

Fact has it, 35% of men are emotionally intelligent, and growing. (Gottman Institute) And the world behold 50% Securely attached partners who have the power to meet your needs responsively, empathically and help calm your inherent need to connect and depend. (Amir Levine)

Wouldn’t that feel AMAZING! It’s real. That kinda security can be achieved from the inside-out.

Expect to dive deep into the inner child, core trauma that play the roots to anxious or fearful avoidant symptoms, how to exercise awareness around your role in relationships, how to create energetic boundaries and assert them, and clearance of your emotional blocks. 

Expect to leave the session enlightened with new methods to self-soothe, reparent yourself, and process your emotional baggage and story. 

Book my high-level support in DETACHED! Intensive Session and we can get to the deep-work, together!

$250.00 USD

Disclaimer: this is a one-off service, hereafter a solo program must be enrolled

Client Stories


Private Coaching

I’m super grateful that I got to work through this program with Josh. It makes the world of difference to have someone on your team when things are hard, and I couldn’t think of a better coach. Josh is empathic, compassionate, patient, supportive, and calm.
To anyone who’s thinking about working with Josh, I would encourage them to enrol in his program, I promise you won’t regret it!


Private Coaching

Josh is the one person who believes in me. I’ve learned so much from resilience, self worth and the knowledge to know what serves me and what doesn’t.

I’ve worked on responses and where best to spend my energy. He has taught me the value of self care and the importance of making time for yourself…


Private Coaching

I reached out to Josh because something inside me really resonated with him & I just knew that he would be able to help me out of the darkness I felt trapped in.

After, telling Josh in depth about what I was suffering with and how bad things had become, I felt I was taken under his wing & for once felt someone was listening & felt understood…


Private Coaching

As a singer-songwriter, I was struggling with self esteem issues, affecting my career & relationships. My experience working with Josh was wonderful, I felt so relieved having a trustworthy coach that I felt safe to share my struggles with. Josh helped me identify my problems and solve them. 

I now understand where my insecurities stem from & why my relationships are toxic. He guided me every step of the way, I felt very cared for

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