A 90 Min Intimate Coaching Call which will bring you back to your sacred, true self. Helping you unravel the disempowering shame, conditioning, and understand your adaptation into a protective false self. Gain the Tools, Clarity & Guidance towards inner-peace, healthy connection & propel yourself into dating & life with your born-to-be confidence.

Whether you’ve gone through a world-stopping breakup, an identity crushing career-crisis, or are coping with a crippling fear to express yourself or BE your truth. Human Design is THE therapeutic self-discovery you need.

Long gone are the days guessing who you were born to BE & faking it til you make it for a world that wants you to play small or get entangled in its game of icky out-of-integrity seduction to get what you desire.

You’re FAR more than that.

No wonder you may be lost as Briggs Myers Enneagrams & Personality tests, can only go so far as they only SEE the product of conditioning.

What if you’ve been avoiding your truth and living a misaligned life for so long, that you’ve steered off into a path that created a dull-inaccurate, colourless version of you?

That’s where my Discovery of Human Design blew my mind, and turned my world upside down for the better.

It’s intuitive, wholesome, ability to intertwine the I Ching, Jewish Kabbalah, Vedic Chakra System, Astrology and Numerology to create a read based on your inherent nature, dictated not by your conditioning or your life circumstances but your very DNA. A DNA which was patterned by the Neutrino Stream (we won’t get into the details here) had a profound effect on both your personality, role and destiny in life.

I know what you might be thinking… This is woo-woo.

I too, was sat in the same headspace until I discovered more and applied charts to loved ones.

Mine, my wife’s, family’s, clients, and close friends charts have ALL sparked some life-changing discoveries and revelations for deeper self understanding…


By giving you a life-changing read of your Human Design chart, I’ll be able to consult you on whether you’re living a life of alignment; from the environments you place yourself in, relationships you choose, careers paths you take, and hobbies you partake. I’ll be able to mirror back to you, exactly who our Creator intended for your to BE for the planet.

In a practical sense you’ll understand amongst a deeper read into your Profile, Authority, conscious and unconscious traits. I’ll guide you to who is compatible for you, how to better set boundaries, understand how to make aligned decisions, who sets you alight vs. who drains the F*ck outta you, AND most importantly de-escalating conditioning that has strangled your very nature and BEING.

That’s where the chart makes all the difference. It’s the backbone to help us dive deep, heal your relationship with yourself and/or your loved ones and move into dating with authority, assertiveness, and certainty!

Sound epic? Go ahead and grab your chart, and book your Dating by Design Intensive Session at the link.

I can’t wait to dive deep into your Design & introduce you to the magical epiphany it brings.

$250.00 USD

Disclaimer: this is a one-off service, hereafter a solo program must be enrolled

ready to prepare?

Client Stories


Private Coaching

I’m super grateful that I got to work through this program with Josh. It makes the world of difference to have someone on your team when things are hard, and I couldn’t think of a better coach. Josh is empathic, compassionate, patient, supportive, and calm.
To anyone who’s thinking about working with Josh, I would encourage them to enrol in his program, I promise you won’t regret it!


Private Coaching

Josh is the one person who believes in me. I’ve learned so much from resilience, self worth and the knowledge to know what serves me and what doesn’t.

I’ve worked on responses and where best to spend my energy. He has taught me the value of self care and the importance of making time for yourself…


Private Coaching

I reached out to Josh because something inside me really resonated with him & I just knew that he would be able to help me out of the darkness I felt trapped in.

After, telling Josh in depth about what I was suffering with and how bad things had become, I felt I was taken under his wing & for once felt someone was listening & felt understood…


Private Coaching

As a singer-songwriter, I was struggling with self esteem issues, affecting my career & relationships. My experience working with Josh was wonderful, I felt so relieved having a trustworthy coach that I felt safe to share my struggles with. Josh helped me identify my problems and solve them. 

I now understand where my insecurities stem from & why my relationships are toxic. He guided me every step of the way, I felt very cared for

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