Your step toward Wholesome Dating has begun....

Giving yourself the BEST chance to date an Emotionally Mature MAN.

Say goodbye to attracting Emotionally immature, hyper-masculine men, and the infamous F*ck boys!

Goodbye to the exhausting chasing of male affection and the vicious cycle of tolerating men’s poor behaviour

Goodbye to seductive tricks, that makes you feel dysregulated, unfulfilled and hopeless

and HELLO to Dream-Man Magnetism

All from the magic-medium of the inside-out. I’m here to help you KNOW WHAT CONSCIOUS MEN SEEK, and How you BE your TRUEST, most intuitive, assertive, confident self to attract and KEEP committed, wholesome love through energetics, your psyche’s superpowers, self-soothing, and the leading relational tools.

While Men can be a different breed, confusing, while the “good guys” seem to all be taken, and the ones left difficult to ever connect deeply with.

Truth is, the few become the plenty when you integrate and embody the secrets I’ll be teaching you in the Masterclass!

He is very knowledgeable, enthusiastic, passionate, responsible, who very patiently listened to my problems and helped me to solve mostly all of them.

I know you're here because you want to...

...and guess what? I'm here to help with ALL OF IT!
Let's get to that juicy inner work, shall we?

2 Part Video Series

The FREE version unlocks 2 Parts of the Masterclass; which includes a guided meditation, teaching essential relational tools, and offering life-changing reflections. You’ll also be provided exclusive audio-files if you prefer to be on-the-go!

Comprehensive 15 Page Workbook

Relational Healing Essentials; in-depth reflections, authentic coaching tools which have proven to be transformative for my clients, checklists, communication cheat sheets, and so much more!

Limited Community Support

You’ll have direct access to fellow heart-centred souls on the same journey, while the opportunity to ask questions in the comments – that will be answered personally by me (with limited capacity on the FREE Version)

So, have you heard enough? are you ready to step into your dating a-game?

Catch your own defensive gremlins quicker than you can say “I’m outta here!” – once and for all?!

I assure you this program is the perfect, engaging and actionable resource for you!

In just 3 Days, you’ll be an intuitive warrior, boundary-proof and healthy masculine seeking diva.

He helped me not only with my relationship with men but overall with my relationship to life, myself and the gifts I am meant to offer in this lifetime to humanity!


Before committing, the FREE Version offers Parts 1 and 2 - Sign up for those above! I'M SO CONFIDENT YOU'LL LOVE IT

Here's a sneak peak at the entire journey!


Phase 2: Shadow, Self, and Emotional Maturity

Phase 3: Communication, Self-Soothing and Intuitive Decision Making


I feel ready to chase after my dreams and goals. I have also manifested my boyfriend, I’ve evolved so much energetically, finally feeling worthy!

From the heart,

As a Relationship Coach, I’m here to first help you heal, align and evolve so you can find, keep & ignite the love with a conscious man that you deserve & desire.

Having struggled with relationships in the past due to lack of awareness, confidence and self-worth, this has been an area in my life that has transformed the most in the past few years. Starting from my dating phase; ravaged by partying, naked butlering, carouseling my way through hookups, all the way to meeting Love Island Directors to contend for the UK show, I soon learned this was not a void-filled way to live for a sensitive heart like mine. Of course, this led me to becoming codependent to my experience and falling into emotionally unavailable, narcissistic relationships because of it. It took a conscious awakening, re-alignment and acceptance with my true nature in Human Design as an Intuitive Generator, amongst constant battles with committing to my highest self which led me to now being married to my soulmate. I’ve never felt so thrilled about helping you avoid the pitfalls that women commonly face with cold, narcissistic, and emotionally unavailable men and fast-track you to find & keep the same kinda love and conscious connection in your life that I’d found. Let me let you in on a little secret… Men are not bad. It’s the story and conditioning they let engulf them. However, men who are unconscious or malevolent find their way to sensitive, compassionate prey – Sound like you? Now’s the time to raise your upper-limit and call in love fit for childhood dreams. And we’re not just talking about the benefits of love itself, but the impact it has on your energy, mood, purpose and living towards a future that’s more grounded, feel-good and fulfilling than ever before.

Emilie, 24

Private Coaching

I’m super grateful that I got to work through this program with Josh. It makes the world of difference to have someone on your team when things are hard, and I couldn’t think of a better coach. Josh is empathic, compassionate, patient, supportive, and calm.
To anyone who’s thinking about working with Josh, I would encourage them to enrol in his program, I promise you won’t regret it!

Kelly, 33

Private Coaching

It was wonderful to have a conscious healthy masculine guide me through boundaries and use confidence to voice them. While redirecting me away from what was actually causing more harm to my self esteem than good. Thanks for 100% honesty throughout the process, calling out habitual behaviours that left me feeling disempowered and regretful.

Though it was a short coaching period the experience and value was incredibly rich and sustainable.

Celina, 25

Private Coaching

My intuition got empowered and I understood me, myself and I in a way that left me feeling deeply rooted within through the coaching sessions with Josh via video chat + his incredible materials (writing prompts, meditations etc.) 

I can warmly if it feels right to you and is within your reach financially recommend Josh from the bottom of my heart to reach out to! 

Tham, 30

Private Coaching

found myself totally lost and at very low esteem. I had a very negative view of my future and truly believed that I would never find love again. I didn’t find myself valuable and lovable. Thanks to the universe that brings Josh to my life as an amazing coach. He is very knowledgeable, enthusiastic, passionate, responsible, who very patiently listened to my problems and helped me to solve mostly all of them.

Without Josh’s coaching, I am sure that I cannot be at the happy place right now.

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