“You are a gift waiting to be unwrapped, but it is you, who is responsible for who”

Josh Campbell

Hi! My name’s Josh, once known as the Health Hunk coaching fitness and wellness, to now being a fully-fledged relationship coach. This was all born on the flip-side of all I’ve ever been passionate about. It starts with the largest turning point in my life, and in hindsight, perhaps the best thing that ever happened to me, right before my first year at University. 

I went away with a big group of “lads” to a holiday destination notoriously named: Malia. After lots of alcohol consumption, frantic parties, and my dose of “lad culture”, I was left one night, crippled by a Panic attack (which I was yet to realise was the case), and a craze of boys shouting “Not again Josh!” fleeing the scene. My thought-to-be support network, poof. Gone! Just like that. While I was left alien to the world – lost – to the point of a phone call home – mumbling the words: “Dad, there’s something wrong with me”. 

After a week-long gruel of more alienation, emotional hurting, freezing and flighting – I luckily found myself back in the comfort of my own bed; in tears. Numb and naive to what I had experienced; severe anxiety, a traumatic panic attack, and a bout of depression.

Not long after, then came a whole new challenge – University. With yet another daunting environment, new people and living environment; I was left with imposter syndrome, comparing myself, and a bucket-load of Social anxiety, with the rattling, debilitating thought: “I’m not good enough to be here”.

Enough was enough. I remember the day vividly… When a uni friend gave me the self-help leaflet for feeling “Homesick”… Sat lost, realizing that it was far more than just feeling “Homesick”, But more a naive helplessness… to the brooding of anxiety and feelings of depression.

Once again, I relived a similar past-time, with the still uneducated void of feeling that was created due to the lack of conversation in “lad culture” I’d been incubated in for years. Culture is sure strong, and dangerous, when it leads you to being unequipped for the inevitable.

Like a lost lamb looking for its mother, and a couple of trains home, I was met with a saving grace embrace from my parents. Though this was just a drop of medicine to the impending experience. 

For days, There I lay, like a zombie in a coma – face down on my bed numb to the sensations and feelings. Reminiscing on all the cycles of:

“Why are you feeling this way?”

“What’s wrong with you?” 

“They all must think you’re weak” 

Only until I began to open up about my mental health, and call the University therapist; my whole world changed. 

This vulnerability and action to seek help, was not weakness, but a means to understand the bitter past, gain clarity, and begin to create a sweeter picture of how I so wrongly, was living in my skin.

My healing led to Meditation, Self-Help, Positive Reaffirmations, Fitness, Diet-reforming, Energetics, and essentially Re-identifying.

This catalytic process has now led me to where I am today. 

It has given me the courage to help steer others’ stories, from the dark depths of not loving yourself; and be that very mentor; to take you from this point… to discover your authenticity, love and understand yourself, to eventually be ready to call in and commit to your to-be soulmate.

The journey hadn’t ended there yet.

Despite some lingering hurt and pain bodies of the past. I was now empowered and equipped to take them head on.

Social anxiety and the “shy guy” was the first to go, when I decided to become a Butler in the Buff, serve drinks, and host party games at big events.

My self-doubt morphed into a mouse rather than the elephant it once was, when I got  invited to feature on Prime-time TV, model and present for reputable brands, while going as far as meeting Love Island’s directors as a top 50 contestant for the show; all the while having the courage and integrity to show-up as myself.

My once anxiety disorder, then became the Empathy and Emotional Intelligence I could channel into becoming the best Student Life mentor, of 80 students.

My inability to pursue and manifest better, was silenced by my actions after graduating University with a First Class Business & Psychology Degree, even with offers from Warner Bros and large Consulting Firms in London, I still found the courage to mic-drop my way out of the UK, to find Bali.

The place which has been an accelerator of life-lessons, helped me hone my coaching skills, and channel my gifts, talents, and tackle the continuous, nagging subconscious brain to create the Life of my Dreams, become a Relationship Coach and Content Creator, for a living; and bring to life, my heart centered personal brand. 

Dial back 6 years ago, I would never imagine, where I’d be now; married to my soulmate; creating a purposeful future, in the midst of a healthy, happy relationship… and I can help you do just that, too. 

Your pain is the best thing that will ever happen to you, if you use it as the catalyst to change.

It is from this story, I have the fuel and passion to build a coaching platform based on authenticity, approachability, empathy, and integrity, and with it, encourage a community of like-minds, as a support network for that I wish I’d once had, while making mental health and finding love, more talk, and less taboo.

“Vulnerability is Courage, Opening up is your medicine.”

I’m here for you, to help you create your greatest love-story.

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