Eva - After


In Bali, it’s a tough life for many dogs – but Eva, as the Pomeranian she is, had it tough. Put on a lowly pedestal and kept as a trophy. 

Before her first Birthday, she’d been caged, bitten and torn to the ground. Furless, homeless and kicked at by the town.

Then, one day it all changed. She snuck into a friend’s garage, to be stumbled upon. After two visits from freelance vets, it didn’t look good. They’d given us the clear that Eva had found the rope, to wither away and give up hope. 

Looking into those blurry, oozy eyes, and seeing her beating pulse – something inside me thought she had a CHANCE

After a few calls, feeding and a watchful eye, she was taken to a special place where she’d filled up on all the lost love she once deserved.

Her treatment was covered, with goodies to boot, by a fund me and my buddy Mike Snider created. It’s unbelievable how far a community & loving hearts can go, and this created my vision to help other dogs suffering like Eva to find their true happiness in life.

I wanted to marry up Fitness with something super emotionally attaching and special.

You now have the POWER to Hunk up in order to SAVE your very own Healthy Hound – what a TRANSFORMATION this’ll be?!

The Health Hound project is an initiative to make working on yourself the most selfless, empowering and fulfilling thing you’ve ever done.

Your health and fitness journey will be glorified, and your generous efforts seen by the masses, with your Hunky transformation.

What does it take?

Once you hit 70% Compliance with your eligible Fitness Journey Program (or add-on in the Solo 12 Week Program) – 10% of what you invested into the Fitness Program will be pledged towards the Feature Health Hound, we as a team are supporting.

If training, or coaching isn’t your thing – fear not – get your funky look on with Health Hunk apparel. Where also 10% of all profits go to your cause!

When an initiative that blends Mental health, Dogs, Bali and Self-improvement together, magic can happen. All it now takes is you!

I’ve partnered with Mission Pawsible, and Sunset Vet in Bali to make this all possible.

Because together, as a community – these ripple effects compound to save lives, and equate to as much as funding a Sterilization Day, plugging the root cause of poor treatment and our furry friends’ abandonment.


It doesn’t cost a lot to save a life.

All Rescues, and the featured Health Hound can receive the following:




Vet Check




Complete Vaccination


Complete Vet Checks, Sterilisation


Funds a Sterilisation Day (preventing birth of thousands of unwanted puppies)

Every Cause and Rescue mission is Possible with your Help! You can also continue to support with a monthly donation of your choice to the Health Hound Doggy Bank. Which will directly support the Feature Cause, and more!


If you’d like to support the Health Hound initaitive, feel free to use the link below:

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Donations are handled by PayPal




Charlie was found disheveled, weary and three-legged on a Bali road, limping in pain, hunger and in lack of human care.

Charlie is 1 Year Old, skinny with wounds on his body. His skin condition after tests at Sunset Vet show he as scabies and a fungal infection.

The good news is that his eyes and naval passages are clear and functional. His sexual organs intact, as are his internal organs fine.

CURRENT CONDITION (and how you can help)

Good news has it, Charlie’s procedure to remove his broken leg went successfully. 

The Bad news is that Charlie is fighting a High White Blood Cell Count (Anemia with 20% PCV). He has a suspected blood parasite, while fighting a chronic skin condition which leaves his skin in irritable and painful rashes. 

He is in great foster care with Prue at Mission Pawsible, but requires funding for all of the top doggie nutrition, Vet-Care and Rehabilitation practices. 

All you need to do is get 70% Compliance on an Eligible Health Hunk Program or Purchase Health Hunk Merch, and you’ll be lovingly supporting this Hound to a Healthy, Hunky, and loving future.

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