Now you’ve heard my story, here I am as an accredited  Relationship Coach. This became my refined specialism after 2 years as a Professional Personal Trainer and 7 years personal experience in Wellness & Fitness practices; I now tune into coaching that takes an authentic, holistic, energetic, and emotionally integrated stance to getting back into your well-deserved physical, mental, spiritual and emotional FLOW to propel yourself into the Dating world with confidence, commit to the love you always dreamed of OR become the best partner you imagined.

Backed by a BSc Business & Psychology Degree at Surrey, counselling, Master NLP Practitioner, and Human Design Reading qualifications, and 2 years as a University Mental Health Mentor & Therapist, I’ve worked with 100s of students, and dozens of clients to realise and overcome their trauma, emotional-blocks, self-doubt, debilitating fears and digressive behaviours with Relational & Spiritual Healing Modalities, NLP, IFS, Somatic and Talk-Therapy, Human Design, and Life and High-Performance Coaching.

Now I apply all of this experience to help you navigate into healthy relationships, have you feel less icky when it comes to manifesting your soulmate, and guide you through healing, understanding and evolving to let go, and open up to receive  and give all that your heart desires.

Here with me, you’ll see options for coaching and bespoke programming with character. Whether it be an intimate 1:1 call, private program or a one-off course – You’ll land coaching that is effective, emotionally intuitive, results-orientated, and dynamic, in the pursuit for your highest, most actualised and confident self.

Ultimately, I’m on a mission to help heart centered souls create the love they always dreamed of, without the tricks, manipulation, or hacks; but by digging deep, connecting the dots and uncovering their once forgotten authentic selves. This will take a process of rediscovering yourself through your Human Design, healing wounds, releasing from conditioning using detachment practices, realigning to your truth which will liberate into emotional freedom through correcting boundary injuries, disrupting limiting beliefs, consciously correcting behavioural patterns, and dial you into a frequency that exudes confidence, is magnetic, and jam-packed with self-leadership. Now, there’s no need to suffer silently, let’s get to creating your very own love-life breakthrough!

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Attract a Conscious Man


The Emotionally Fulfilling Dating Guide for the Empathic and Highly Sensitive. An insideout revolution to heal dating trauma, create space for the love of your dreams, and navigate dating with emotional maturity.